With a diverse fleet comprising of both owned and contracted vehicles, spanning from 1-ton LDVs to 32-ton interlink combinations, we possess the versatility to accommodate various cargo types and meet your loading and unloading needs efficiently.

Our national distribution network ensures a reliable service to nearly every contact point.

Our diverse fleet of own and contracted vehicles, ranging from 1-ton LDVs (light delivery vehicles) to 32-ton interlink combinations, gives us the flexibility to handle a variety of cargo types as well as your loading and unloading requirements.


The use of GPS satellite tracking systems ensures real-time visibility of our fleet thereby enhancing route optimisation, security and overall operational efficiency. 


In addition we are a fully dangerous goods compliant body, crucial for us to handle and transport hazardous materials safely and in accordance with regulations.


RB Associated Logistics

Committed to streamlining the complexities associated with logistics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to professionalism, and consistently placing the customer at the forefront of our operations.